When the Recession does something good for us Graphic Designers…

Even if Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over - click on the links, you might be surprised!

Lately I watched a video where Sean Cannel from Think Media talked about the recession. And yes, I guess we just stumbled into it and yes, everything got more expensive.
So basically the only thing we can do is buy things on discount or not buy at all. To summarise his talk he said that there are three things we should do in a recession:
1. Save our Money
2. Invest in stock (because it's cheap right now)
3. Invest in further education
Not that far in future, a recession usually lasts between 8 and 14 month, we will need our saved money, we are happy if stock is rising when we invested and we will be even more happy when we invested in knowledge.
Because: Now is the time you cannot do much but learn and start building your future - for future success.

Assuming he is right then then there is no better time than now to get a class where you can learn how to build your future career.
For that occasion I have, of course, The Safari Lounge Designer Classes for you. With the help of that program you'll become a great designer, because there is everything in it.
If that's too large of an investment for you or if you don't want to commit to something that takes a bit longer right now you might consider the following classes because they are perfect for the upcoming holidays!

Create Scrapbooking Elements and Papers in Affinity Designer

If you want to become a digital designer this is your class. I show you in many video lessons how Affinity Designer works and, later on, in many workshops how you can create the one or other graphic. With that knowledge you can master any design job, e.g. creating digital scrapbooking kits and build a new career from there. 
But no worries, this class isn't meant as a career guide but for the fun! You can also just learn Affinity Designer.

Get the class now and save big!

Painting with Watercolor for Beginners

If you wanna get your fingers dirty and learn at the same time about color, color theory, color mixing, working with brushes and drawing your first leaves then this class is for you.
This Watercolor class is for absolut beginners. You might find tons of tutorials on YouTube about how to draw this or that but you'll hardly find a complete beginner class where you really find out about the basics as well as all the techniques Watercolor has to offer. 

Save big now - for limited time only!

And last, but now least, check out my newest class!

Create Abstract Wall Art in Procreate and Photoshop

You can use the first and second class listed here before you dive into creating abstract wall art. Because, what we draw here in Procreate can, of course, also be created in Affinity Designer or painted and digitised with watercolor.
But if you just want to learn how to get inspired to create abstract art (I show you my secret ingredient!), draw in Procreate and finally put your wall art together in Photoshop (or, again, Affinity Designer) this class is for you!
I even show you how to use mockups so you can create previews and therefore products for sale. So yes, this small, bit-sized class can help you to get into a new art career!

PS: I also tell you about the story behind the pictures which is super important for your work.

So you see: The recession we have to go through now can also do something good for us. Use the time and look for further education and build up your new career right now so you are ready when the economy is back to normal!

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