Painting with Watercolor for Beginners 

***Turn on the sound of the video to listen to all the features this class has to offer!***

Have you ever wanted to learn Watercolor?

Then "Painting with Watercolor for Beginners" is right for you.

We start with all the basic things you need to know - from the art supplies you need to brush strokes you should practice. I show you step by step how
to hold your brush,how to do different brush strokes, how to mix colors and how to handle watercolor and all its shades in general.

Once you have build your painting muscles we dive a little bit into color theory - just as much as you need to know. We draw a usual color wheel as well
as an alternative color wheel so you know that you can use your colors in completely different ways as well.

But that's not all - once we have finished these exercises we jump right into the different techniques you need to know for any kind of watercolor painting.
You'll learn them all - from wet on wet to the glazing technique. That's how you can archive extraordinary results in your paintings - even as a watercolor
beginner. Once you have watched my beginner's class and practiced what I show you you can easily follow all the great YouTube Tutorials and get your
fingers dirty!

This class is full of lessons where you can practise and not just watch. Whenever needed I've added material just like a color wheel or a color swatch
as a PDF to download and print so you can start swatching right away.

Once you've learned the basics you can jump into your first project and also follow quickly along the wonderful tutorials your favorite YouTubers post
or move on to our more advanced classes where we start to use your artwork to create digital products!

Yes, there is a learning curve but with a bit of practice you'll easily archive great results. And that's not all. In the end you can move to the advanced
section of our classes - or join the Safari Lounge - and start digitizing your paintings. After all that's what we are here for at Digidesignresort.
We want to turn whatever we draw, on paper or digital, into digital artwork and use that to create lovely gifts and products for sale.

You'll learn...

  • ...which art supplies I use for my watercolor paintings
  • to mix vibrant color palettes
  • ...brush control techniques to archive the brush stroke you want
  • ... more about color theory
  • ...more about mixing colors
  • ...about the different painting techniques
  • to draw your first set of leaves! 

In the first part of the class we'll have a look at the material you need and at your paint box. The problem is that the colors in your
paint box look much different than they actually do on paper. Therefore we have to create a color swatch. You find the downloads in the
class so you can easily follow along.

What you need for this Class:

  • ...6-12 colors in a paintbox or tubes
  • ...brush set with at least 3 brushes
  • ... watercolor paper 300g
  • ... more about color theory
  • ...for sketching: pencil and rubber
  • ...a dropper
  • ...adhesive tape or washi tape
  • ... a terry towel
  • ... 2 glasses for water

Once we have the color swatch ready you'll learn more about mixing colors, different brush strokes and how to create a color wheel as well an alternate
color wheel. With this exercise you'll learn along the way more about color theory!
Later on we will have a look at the different watercolor techniques you have to master. With your newly gained skills you know what people are talking about
 when they say something about the "Dry on Dry" or "Wash Technique"!

What you'll get

  • 13 Video Lessons in Full HD
  • 1 Workshop included but more to come!
  • 2 PDFs: Color Swatching and Color Wheel to print out

This is an ongoing class. I'll add more workshops to this class along the way so you can apply what you've learned!


In the end you'll know how to handle your Watercolor paintbox, your brushes and how to archive specific results in your paintings. Nearly each lesson contains
an exercise so you are invited to follow along rather than "just" watch the lessons. I want you to look over my shoulder and build your painting muscles with me.
This class is ongoing. You pay once but you'll get new lessons every now and then. Once I add a new workshop I'll let you know so we can have another drawing
session and share our results in self-paced lessons.

Join the Class!

You have two options to join this class. You can wether purchase it as a single class for a one time fee or join our Safari Lounge Designer Classes which contain not only many more classes but also community and personal coaching!

Both options contain all class updates.