Knowing S4H and S4O Tags in Digital Scrapbooking

Digital scrapbooking is an emerging trend and it is a good business for people who like to do business with pleasure because it is the kind of job where you can enjoy your work. It also needs a very little

scrapbooking as a business
Use this Digital Scrapbooking Kit for your Business

investment to buy the essentials. There is no stress and it is quite easy and rewarding once you are familiar with the tools and learn the master touch. But it is necessary to know what you are stepping into. A number of websites offer freebies but be careful before you use these freebies for your commercial purpose because you may face some serious copyright issues if you have taken one wrong step or, as worse, you provide your customers with bad quality products.

The kits and tools or the layouts that are available for purchase online in a number of websites like Digidesignresort also have some knots tied to them. You cannot use all the layouts and design saying that it belongs to you and you own it once you have purchased them. These kits may have some acronyms or tags attached to them like the S4H or S4O or CU etc. It is important to know these acronyms and their meanings as they play an important role in the licensing and usage of the software or the tool.

What is a S4H?

S4H can be expanded as the “Scrap for Hire”. When the tag, S4H is attached to the kit that you have bought, it must be understood that it is not only used for your own use but also that it can be used to create scrap books for others and can be used for commercial purposes for an extent. Usually the designers offer the S4H resources such as the page layouts and designs to only one customer rather than many others.

What is S4O?

S4O is expanded as “Scrap for others”. The designer puts the S4O tag when he or she sells the designs and layouts to a number of people. But it can be used for commercial purposes and the timeline is usually framed by the artist or the designer who sells it with the S4O tag. Hence the design is not owned by you completely. It is available to you for commercial use only for the specified timeline.

There are a number of forums like our rules of the house  forum where designers post their specific terms of use. There is more clarity on the usage of these tags. You always prefer them for your certain needs.


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