Is it Time for your own Store?

Designing is your passion?
If you say “yes!” without hesitating you should keep reading

There are basically two different ways to sell your products:

  •  You can sell at a big store

Selling at a big store is maybe the best choice for a talented starter. Selling at a big store includes many benefits.

First the store is promoted so people will notice you sooner or later. Apply to different stores and choose the one which is actively and regularly advertised. What does a nice shop help if noone does that work and doesn´t drive traffic to the site and so to your store? Another big advantage is that you don´t need your own server and webadress (except maybe a free one you get with a blog set up). But keep in mind that the store where you are selling at is your reputation. Which means if you are just working with not so good designers it will also decrease the value of your work. So be careful which store you choose (or for which one you are chosen to sell at). Another thing which is in my eyes a lot of fun but others may hate are the requirements – sometimes you have to take part in the collaboration kits, sales, activities, etc and you have to set up a minimum products per month.

  • You sell at your own store

The biggest advantage is that you can keep 100% of the money you make minus Paypal fees. The disadvantage is that you have to do it all yourself. Advertising is one big time consuming factor but also paying for software and the webhoster. However, if you are selling well it can still help you to earn more money because you usually pay 25% commission to the store owner. Please keep also in mind that customers may be easier convinced to sign up for a store if there are a lot of designers they like. But if you are willing to work hard and advertise yourself it shouldn’t be a big problem to sell at your own store as well. Get involved in forums or on other people’s blogs so you get known. There is a lot you can do!

Nobody can tell you which option is the best for you. This depends on your personality. But I can tell you that working in the right team is much more fun! My friends and team mates keep me
going, inspire me and make my day. So my first option is the Digidesignresort team 😛 If you are talented and like working in a great team you are always welcome to apply to Digidesignresort – we always add great designers to our team!

Which option you choose – keep the fun designing!

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