Instagram Marketing Course

There are many platforms out there upon which you could share photos and videos with but Instagram might just be the most famous and widely-used app worldwide. There are many things you could use it for and one of those is digital scrapbooking. Although this app is made exclusively for iPads, tablets, and other android devices, there is a way to work around it for use on your personal computer. The Instagram Marketing course from the Safari Lounge provides you with detailed information on how passionate scrapbookers all over the world could use it to their greatest advantage.

Instagram Marketing


Instagram Marketing made easy!

The six-video course is centered on using Instagram, from the basic set up right to marketing usage. The first video provides you an introduction of Instagram. It shows how you can communicate with Digidesignresort and SimpleLifeStories while being able to acquire free tutorials and exclusive freebies or how you could promote your own website to other Instagram users. It also provides a step-by-step lesson on how to sign up and set up your Instagram account.

The second video shows how you could set up your profile, from adding a picture to providing contact information about yourself of your website. It also provides information on how beneficial hashtags and keywords could be when used in your profile biography.

The third video teaches you the art of finding people, following Instagram accounts, commenting, and liking posts. Instagram provides suggestions on which accounts you might be interested in following based on information you have provided or the stuff you post.

Since this is a visual platform that focuses on photos and videos, it is important to have a great tool to help you upload and optimize the pictures you wish to post in Instagram. This is what the fourth video is about. It provides information about  a photo uploader that allows you to upload photos to Instagram directly from your computer. This is an ideal tool for those who want to transfer photos directly to Instagram without having to transfer the files to their mobile device first.

As a social media tool, the main purpose of Instagram is to enable its users to share and communicate with other users all over the world. The fifth video provides details on how you would go about getting in touch with your clients, customers, friends, and other individuals and companies.


The sixth video is about something that any online business would truly finds helpful: Content Marketing. It provides information on how Instagram can be used to optimize marketing strategies to get messages and products across to potential customers. It also provides various content marketing strategies that would be appropriate for you and the type of business you have.

If you are planning to build an online business or are currently running one, this six-video Instagram Marketing course is one of the best things you would ever encounter in your life. It provides well-explained and easy-to-understand information about Instagram and the marketing strategies you could use it for. This course is free for all Safari Lounge members and is also available for purchase at Udemy.



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