How to handle your Creative Team effectively

Your creative team is your reputation. When I surf the galleries I look for inspiration and also fantastic kits. It’s a lot of fun to see what advanced scrappers can make out of a kit!
So for you as a designer it’s a must to have a creative team. Check the quality of the pages the girls post. You may loose sales if it’s anything else but great. Of course taste differs and that’s not the question.

What you should ask yourself about a possible creative team member
before you add her to your team:

  • Is her digital scrapbooking layout outstanding which means – is it eyecatching and stands out of the mass?
  • In how many galleries is your layout posted?
  •  Is the scrapper known on the site and has a nice gallery?
  • Is the scrapper responsible?
  • Does she really enjoy scrapping?

So when you have a CT call or see an amazing scrapper – try to pick the best of the best. Personally I think you can never have to many creative people in your team.

The only question which arises is:

How are you able to handle a Creative Team effectively?

As usually there are many different ways. But with time I found out that the best way to handle your creative team is over a file sharing account, e.g. Dropbox or 4Shared.
If you have a paid  account you get little extras, e.g. you can set passwords for the different folders. So when a creative team member asks for a kit you can send her the link and password for the kit without setting
up a coupon or start loading up your kit somewhere else. Do it once and save a lot of time and effort.
The other thing is that you have an overview who has your kit and who not. You should tell your CT that they should not download your kit before they are ready to scrap.

A little warning: Invest in a paid account – a free account makes your files accessable to each and every person! You´ll have a lot of extra work because you have to turn the file on and off every
time one of your CT members have downloaded a kit. You won’t win but loose many sales when people can download your newest kit for free.

Another tip: be generous. Your CT gets a free kit but they put a lot of work and love into the layout, post it in many different galleries, promote you as a designer and wear your creative team
blinkie proudly. So thank them with generosity if they don´t wanna scrap with the newest kit (or simply have no time) or have some nice words.

The best creative team is made out of friends.

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