How to get into your first store

It is always a good idea to learn from the best. Search the galleries and shops for your favorite designer, maybe you have already one. Check the designer´s previews. What catches your attention? What attracts the visitor? Why did you buy it?

The best idea is to look at yourself. When you want to buy a digital scrapbooking kit, what catches your attention? Which style do you like? Why do you finally have the feeling that you cannot live without the kit ;-)?

When you send your designs to a digital scrapbooking store…

The above questions are also questions the storeowner asks herself. Therefore, before she takes a deeper look at your kit, she will have a look at
the preview. Downloading the kit a designer sent in is very time consuming for store owners (imagine you have 20, 30, 40 or more applications).
Therefore – the preview needs to catch the store owner’s attention and then she needs to decide if the kit has the potential to sell.
So the best advise I can give you – check and redo your preview double and tripple times. The preview of your kit is the first impression the store owner gets from your kit and decides if she is going to “bother” with it or not. So if the preview is nice your chance to get into the store increases enormously. It is a good idea to just make your Digital Scrapbooking Kit Preview look like a scrap. Maybe even include pictures (be careful here, use your own or ones you bought e.g. at to make it look really nice.

Quality Matters

When you´ve created a great preview don´t forget to check your elements for stray pixels. Just select the element for that, add a red 3-5 pixel stroke and check what else is selected. Sometimes you can correct this – sometimes not. To be 100% on the save site just delete an element if it seems to be not good enough. There are also Quality Check Actions available which make your life easier. You simply are led through the whole process and can’t go wrong.

Wanna Join?

Many stores just take designers when they have a designer call. Others, as Digidesignresort, add talented people every time to our great team. Sometimes I maybe just ask you to join a little later but never hesitate to send something in to

I promise you get an answer.

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