Design a Heart in Affinity Designer

If you are looking for some design ideas on what to sell on Etsy (or wherever you prefer) then design a heart in Affinity Designer.

You don't have to be a professional designer to start creating digital elements. With Affinity Designer, you can easily create elements, like this lovely heart. And then, maybe you add it to a T-Shirt or a coffee mug and sell it - or it is the foundation of your next Scrapbooking Kit - totally up to you!

How to design a Heart in Affinity Designer

In this tutorial I will show you how to create this beautiful heart from scratch in Affinity Designer. You can easily follow the steps below or in our video listed on the top of this post. You can also always click on the links below if you want to jump to a specific part of the video tutorial and have a closer look.

  • 01:07 Creating a new Document 
  • 01:32 Adding the Heart to the Document
  • 04:05 Creating the Flap of the Heart
  • 07:04 Duplicating the Heart
  • 08:40 Creating a Shadow for the Flap
  • 09:39 Adding a Shadow to the Heart
  • 12:24 Adding Texts Inside the Heart
  • 15:28 Adding Some Ornaments to the Heart
  • 18:24 Saving your Affinity Designer Document


You just need Affinity Designer (you can download a 30 days free trial!) and your creativity.

Creating a new Document

First things first: Open your Affinity Designer program and create a document.

Just like creating any document, just click on File > New and then choose 12 x 12 in Vinyl Cover. This is the size I highly recommend to design in, especially if you want to use the element later e.g. for a digital scrapbooking kit. But it is also large enough to create anything else such as merchandise or T-Shirts. Make sure you tick on "transparent background" as we need that, then click on the "create" button on the bottom right. 

Adding the Heart to the Document

Now we start drawing the heart on the transparent background. Go to the Shape tool. There is a heart tool in the menu, when you click on the triangle on the bottom right and then you can choose between different shapes, choose the heart tool, of course. 

Just click the left mouse, and press the shift key so you have a proportional heart. Make it bigger so you can see it better. Center it, and lock the layer for now.

Creating the Flap of the Heart

To create a flap, we cut the top left part of the heart. Use the rulers, just pull them out from the left to the right and decide how much flap you want your heart to have. 

Set the gradient of the flap so it will look more natural. So, you need a little bit of a shadow. You can choose the colour you want. Here, I start with white and add a little bit of a darker colour. I also set a third colour for my gradient.

Duplicating the Heart

Before I colour the heart, I duplicate it. Why? Because we need a smaller heart with a white frame.

Creating a Shadow for the Flap

As I've mention, we need a more realistic flap here, so I just duplicate the red heart once again. You can adjust the shade of your shadow. Just make sure it looks natural.

Adding a Shadow to the Heart

The next step is to add a shadow to the whole heart. For this step, you have to decide if you want it to your element, but I want to show you how to do it just in case you want to add it.

You use the ellipse tool to create your shadow.

Adding Texts Inside the Heart

Use the Text tool to type in your texts. You can colour your texts and set the font size and style.

Adding an Ornament to the Heart

If you want to add an ornament, just click on View > Studio > Stock and you can choose ornaments from Pixabay ("I just searched for ornament to find that one"). Drag and drop the ornament you want to add and resize it according to your preference.

Also, you should know that you can modify your embedded ornament. I delete the birds and flowers because I want a more simple ornament here.

Now, I have an "original" ornament after editing the one I found on Pixabay. You can also change its colour. If you are satisfied with your ornament you can now drag it to its place.

Saving your Affinity Designer Document

If you are satisfied with your document - with your heart, texts, and the ornament in place - you can now save it as an Affinity Designer document so you can modify it whenever you want to change something. You can export it as a PNG, and also as a PSD or AffinityDesigner file so you can edit the layers later. 

Use this heart element not just for your digital scrapbooking kits but also for wall art or selling digital products. You can create a graphic set using your heart element or a sticker and sell them online, whatever you want to.

Want some more ideas what to sell on Etsy? You can create some Snowflake printable and explore Affinity Designer program even further!

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