Create Arts Printable: Vintage Summer Wreath Hearts in Affinity Designer

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In this tutorial, we are going to create a vintage summer wreath from our digital scrapbooking Vintage Summer kit.

How to Create Vintage Summer Wreath Hearts in Affinity Designer

Here is an overview of what you'll learn from this tutorial. Just click on the links, and you will be directed to that minute in the video. 

  • 1:50 Start by Creating a New Document
  • 2:07 Setting the Guides
  • 2:51 Adding the Papers into the Document
  • 6:29 Drawing the Hearts
  • 7:54 Merging the Hearts
  • 8:12 Clipping the Hearts into the Papers
  • 8:35 We're Done!


Start by Creating a New Document

As in other projects, we usually start by creating a new document.

Let's create an A4 document because our printers at home usually print in A4 so it makes sense that we create our new document in A4 size as well. Go to File, select A4 from the templates, then click Create from the bottom right.

Setting the Guides

We need to set the ruler guides because these will assist in positioning our objects. Guides are non-printing, non-exporting lines that float over page objects and assist with their positioning. We create these via the Guides Manager because we want to be precise.

Go to View > Guides Manager.

At this point, you can see the Horizontal Guides and the Vertical Guides. Let's set our Horizontal Guides. Click the Add New Horizontal Guide icon at the bottom left, and set 70 mm, 140 mm, and 210 mm accordingly. These will divide our paper into four rows.

Adding the Papers into the Document

Now, we have four rows for our four different papers.

Let's add our first paper. Go to File > Place, then navigate to the folder where your papers are saved. Select your first paper and drop it on the document.

You need to crop it so it will fill the first top column only. Click the Vector Crop tool on the left tool bar to crop it. The guide will help you crop the paper to its right size.

Go ahead and do that with the other three papers as well.

If you want these papers to be always available when you need them, you can create your Assets library. To do that, click on the top left corner of the document and press the left mouse key as you select all the papers all the way to the bottom right. Now, click View > Studio > Assets. Next, click the add Assets icon and Create New Category > Add from Selection. You can also rename your Assets.

You can learn more about how to add your Digital Scrapbooking Kits in Affinity Designer with this tutorial.

Drawing the Hearts

So now that we have beautiful papers , let's create the hearts.

It's so easy. Just click on the Shape Tool, and select the Heart Tool found on the left tool bar. 

Using the Heart Tool, draw a heart into the first row. You can always adjust the size of the heart.

Duplicate your first heart, and fill the first row with three hearts. To duplicate, click the Selection Tool on the top of the left tool bar, and click Command + G.

Duplicate the first row and fill the other three rows with hearts.

Merging the Hearts into One

We need to merge the four rows into one. To do that, mark or select all the hearts and click Add on the top right. Now, they are merged in one area.

Clipping the Hearts into the Papers

The last step is to clip and crop the hearts.

Select a row of hearts, and drag and drop them between the cropping and the paper. The shapes or the hearts will automatically clip into the papers.

Repeat this step to the other rows. Just select a row and drag and drop to them between the cropping and the right colour of paper.

As you can see, they were clipped into the paper and cropped to form a heart shape.

That's so easy, isn't it? Now, I'm sure, you enjoy using the Affinity Designer.

You can create more Arts Printable and print them for your endless paper crafts or you can sell them.

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