Create an Ornament in Affinity Designer

Learning new Software is not easy. Actually it's pretty hard before you know all the details. It takes time and a lot of practise. And that's why I started to create Tutorials for Affinity Designer. I thought it might be a good idea that you can get all the materials you need and start creating - without digging deep into the interface. It's more about doing rather than learning the details. So you can start right away and have a result right away.

Create an Ornament in Affinity Designer

In this Tutorial I show you step by step how to create this ornament. I know it looks hard but it is pretty easy to create, so have a look at the video:

Here is what you need to create this Ornament in Affinity Designer:

All the material you need to create this ornament is free.

You get access to the Designer's Toolbox by subscribing to our newsletter (that's free of course). There you will also find the material for many other Affinity Designer classes and more goodies.

Even if you have never opened Affinity Designer before this is totally doable for you! It's all about the skills you learn when you create this ornament not about the ornament itself. You learn how to use pre-made shapes to modify them. You also learn how to apply textures from the stock library and modify those to your liking. And you learn to draw with a pixel brush in Affinity Designer and switch from that one to an eraser to make your element look unique.

You see it doesn't matter if you use your new gained skills to create an Element for your next Scrapbooking Kit or any other digital product you can sell.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you've learned!

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