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Every digital scrapbook designer’s worry is hitting the plateau of creativity. If you ever feel like you are getting into that stage, why not take a boost out of the  monotony by learning a new design trick or two. One way to build up your enthusiasm is by starting off with a quick and easy technique like the Stamp Effect. This tutorial will definitely ignite your inner designer flare so you can say goodbye to the so-called designer’s block. Let’s begin.

Create a new document in Adobe Photoshop with any size and use a white background. For this lesson we have a 300 pixel by 200 pixel document. Make your foreground colour Blue and the background colour Black. You can, however, use a different color for your stamp like the more popular red ones.


Using the Type Tool, type in the text that you’d like to convert into a stamp. We highly recommend that you use a big and bold type face for first timers but basically, any font style will do.


After you have the text go to Layer > Rasterize > Type.


Get the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make a selection around the text.


Go to Edit > Stroke and set the width to 10 px and select the location to Center.


Deselect by pressing Ctrl + D (Windows) or command + D (Mac).


We will be applying a filter to make the worn-out look. Go to Filter > Texture > Grain. You can follow and adopt the values we used but this can be changed depending on how you want the wash out effect to the stamp to look.


Once you have the grains in place, go to Select > Color Range and use the colour picker to select the colour Black.


Then hit delete on your keyboard to remove the grains. Deselect again so you can see the image clearly.


If you need to adjust the colour, go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. You can remove the white background and save the text layer as PNG file so that you can use it later with other images.


And there you have it, our stamp text looks awesome in this postcard from Aqua Mist Scrapbooking Kit.

par avion stamp


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