Create a Snowflake Printable to sell on Etsy

Do you want to be productive during this quarantine period? If your answer is yes, then this tutorial is just right for you. You don't have a choice but to be stuck at home, but you can choose to be productive, right?

If you are a designer or just starting to learn the basic skills, you will be glad to know that you can create printable which you can sell. Creating printable is so easy when you use the Affinity Designer. You can download this great vector program from serif.com.

Tutorial: Create a Snowflake Printable in Affinity Designer

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a lovely snowflake printable which you can sell in your own store.

Feel free to watch the video you'll find on top of this post.


I've also included the printer I use for creating my printable for sale.

How to Create a Snowflake Printable to Sell on Etsy

If you click on one of these timestamps you jump to the specific content.

  • 1:32 Create a New Document
  • 1:51 Place the Digital Paper into the Document
  • 2:19 Draw the "Little House"
  • 3:42 Create a Row
  • 4:46 Clip the Houses into the Paper
  •  5:04 Duplicate the Row of Little Houses
  • 5:50 Turn the Paper into A4 Size
  • 5:55 We're Done!

Create a New Document

First of all, open Affinity Designer and create a new document.

Just click File > New and choose the 12 inches by 12 inches preset, then click Create on the bottom right.

Place the Digital Paper into the Document

Here, I use the digital paper from the Cozy Wintertime kit because I like the tone of the colour blue. You can always use whatever you prefer.

Go to File > Place, then select the paper. You can resize the paper so it fills the entire document.

Draw the "Little House"

Next, we draw a little house. I call it "little house" because it resembles the shape of a house.

To create, click the Rectangle tool on the left tool bar.

We need a 4 cm x 4 cm square here, so, set the Width to 4 cm and the Height to 4 cm also. It will automatically convert it into inches but it doesn't really matter - they are the same.

Next, let's draw the roof of the little house. 

Just click Convert to Curves > Move tool. The lines will guide you to locate the center. Pull up the movable dot until you create the perfect roof.

Create a Row

Click Move tool and move the little house to the left side of the paper. Don't forget to enable the Snapping tools.

Type in 4 cm for their distances.

Now, duplicate the little house to form a row.

Clip the Houses into the Paper

Select the  houses and group them. Next, drag and drop the paper to move it on top of the houses. After that, drag and drop the group of houses into the blue paper. Now, the little houses clip to the paper.

Duplicate the Row of Little Houses

Duplicate your first row so you will have two rows of little house,

Turn the Paper into A4 Size

Because almost all printers print on an A4 paper, it's best to change its document settings.

Click Document Setup, select A4 for its Page Preset, then click OK.

Mark all the houses and center them on the paper.

We're Done!

Now, you can easily print them out on your printer. And of course, you now have something beautiful to sell in your store!

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