Create a Printable for a 3D Greeting Card in Affinity Designer

Are you a Crafter? Go here and check out our Tutorial about how to make this card!

It doesn't matter what "time" we have, printable are always famous. Basically, they have huge advantages for your customers and for you as well.

Your customers can:

  • buy them once
  • print them out as often as they wish
  • easily store them as a digital file on their computer

You also have advantages:

  • You create them once,
  • sell them forever,
  • you do not need to ship anything
  • you do not need to worry about high quality printing and papers.

And last but not least - it's good for our environment. Because - people just print it if they need it and don't store it together with tons of other supplies!

You see, there are huge advantages for anyone.

During the Corona Crisis people love printable even more. They allow them to keep themselves and their kids busy when the do some paper crafts together. Beside that, most probably, they have everything they need at home - they just need a few papers, glue, a scissor and a printer. That's it.

So if you ever wanted to become a digital designer you should start right now. In this tutorial I show you how to create a printable greeting card with our digital scrapbooking kit "Sunshine Ahead!"

To follow along you need to download the vector based program "Affinity Designer" from the Website. You can get a free trial. This program has an advantage as well: You do not need to pay monthly and it is really affordable when you buy it once.

Create a Printable Greeting Card: "This Moment... captured with Love!"

Once you have downloaded the digital scrapbooking kit "Sunshine Ahead!" and installed Affinity Designer we can get started.

As I show you in the video the main problem is to set the elements and papers into the right size. I highly recommend that you do not "just" create the printable but also use it. Then you definitely know that it works. 

Here is how it looks on the computer. But can I know be sure that, once printed, it has the right size? Or does the printer scale it down? Or up? 
The best idea is to just "use" your product and create a card from it.

It's fun!

Here is what I came up with. I have the printable in the store now and it comes with a JPG and a PDF File. Usually people can open a PDF since they need Adobe Acrobat which can be downloaded for free. But just in case they cannot for any reason I included the JPG files.

It's always a good idea to think from a customer's perspective. Always ask yourself: What does my customer need to use this product easily? And I mean really "easily" - it shouldn't be a hassle to download the file nor should it be to open it. 

But in any case - you should always try it out and do some paper crafting yourself 🙂

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