Colors in Scrapbooking and Their Influence in Our Emotions

Colors are derived when the spectrum of light interacts with the sensitive light receptors of the human eye. In digital scrap-booking, it is what add character to any layout. When designing or putting together a scrapbook, it can be quite difficult to choose the right color to go with your theme. It is easy to choose a favorite or a match to your photograph, but is it the right way to go?

Contrary to what people are used to, color choices should be based on what your photo is about, not the colors in the photo. The colors should be based on what you want the viewer to feel or what emotion you want the layout to emit. Here, a list of colors are explained through emotion. It is important that we learn the use of colors in scrap-booking and their influence in our emotions.

Warm and Cool

First thing you have to understand is that colors come in two categories: warm and cool. In a color wheel, it is easy to identify these colors. From yellow to maroon, we have the warm colors. The cool colors are those from purple all the way to yellow green. Warm colors are more vibrant, loud, and somewhat active. Cool colors, on the other hand, are calm, quiet, and relaxing.

Colors in Scrapbooking


Colors and their Meanings

Colors represent a certain character and emotion. To become effective in choosing the right colors and encouraging the right emotions, it is important to learn about their influence on people. Here are the basics of what you need to learn.

Colors in Scrapbooking

Up side: Optimism, self-esteem, confidence, friendliness, emotional strength, creativity.

Down side: Irrationality, anxiety, emotional fragility, fear, depression.

Colors in Scrapbooking

Up side: Courage, warmth, strength, energy, ‘fight or flight’, survival, stimulation, excitement, masculinity.

Down side: Defiance, visual impact, aggression, strain.

Colors in Scrapbooking


Up side: Luxury, spiritual awareness, vision, authenticity, containment, quality, truth.

Down side: Introversion, suppression, decadence, inferiority.

Colors in Scrapbooking

Up side: Comfort, warmth, food, security, passion, sensuality, fun, abundance.

Down side: Deprivation, frivolity, frustration, immaturity.

Colors in Scrapbooking

Up side: Harmony, refreshment, balance, universal love, restoration, rest, reassurance, environment, equality, peace.

Down side: Boredom, blandness, stagnation, enervation.

Colors in Scrapbooking

Up side: Intelligence, trust, communication, efficiency, duty, serenity, logic, reflection, coolness, calm.

Down side: Coldness, lack of emotion, aloofness, unfriendliness.

Colors in Scrapbooking

Up side: Tranquillity, warmth, nurture, femininity, sexuality, love, survival.

Down side: Inhibition, emasculation, emotional claustrophobia, physical weakness.


Colors in Scrapbooking

Up side: Seriousness, nature, warmth, earthiness, support, reliability.

Down side: Lack of humor,  lack of sophistication, heaviness, poverty.


Colors in Scrapbooking

Up side: Neutral, formal, corporate.

Down side: Cowardice, depression, dampness, hibernation, uptight, lack of energy.

Colors in Scrapbooking

Up side: Hygiene, clarity, sterility, purity, simplicity, cleanliness, sophistication, efficiency.

Down side: Coldness, barriers, unfriendliness, elitism, death.

Colors in Scrapbooking

Up side: Sophistication, security, glamour, emotional safety, substance, efficiency.


Down Side: Oppression, menace, coldness, heaviness, death.

Whatever project you are working on, it is important to understand that colors are more than just a choice. It should be thought of with care because it could make or break your design. For deeper learning on colors and what they represent, read The Secret Language of Color, a book on everything you need to know about colors. This is great for all types of artists, including scrapbook enthusiasts.

The Secret Language of Color

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