9 Tips to Become a Successful Digital Scrapbooking Designer

Starting your business as a digital scrapbooking designer is not different from starting a business in any other area. It’s about taking things serious and deeply committing to it. You need a strategy and a business model but you also need to be willing to work hard.artist-studio-dvd

Here are a few tips from my experience what it takes to become a successful designer:

  1. Time changes and so does the style of digital scrapbooking kits. Before you start designing try to figure what style you want to try out (you can always change of course!). Do you like more paper-style kits? Do you prefer kits with realistic elements, grunge style kits?
  2. Whatever you choose, go to a huge site such as Digishoptalk and check out their gallery. Which layouts have the most views/comments? Which layouts become the layout of the day/week? Do your research well so you know what people want and look for before you start designing.
  3. Do not  just design seasonal kits, means for spring, summer, autumn or winter. Design kits you can use the whole year. Otherwise you have kits in your store which will just sell a few weeks of the year.
  4. Take your business serious. When you commit to publishing a new kit once every week/two weeks/month – stick to it. nothing is worse than when your fans expect something new from you and you never satisfy them. So be responsible and stick to your publishing schedule.
  5. The same happens when you publish something on your blog: commit to a schedule and stick to it.
  6. You need a good website. A blog on Blogger is not a website you own. You do not even own the domain nor do you own the content on your own site. Spend the few Dollars a yearly signup plan on e.g. Bluehost costs. Your website is your online home, your presence and your reputation. I cannot stretch enough how important it is to have a well done website (you can create it yourself though)
  7. Make your kits special and unique. The same ribbon is out there 100 times but if you make a new element from your ribbon, how is that? Think different, don’t look like anyone else because that won’t make you unique and people buy from you – they can then buy from anyone else.
  8. Success is about doing the same thing which leads to success over and over again. There are no such things like overnight success. They always come a long way. And so will you with your business. You might sell just two kits or three the first month but it will increase – when you keep doing what you do.
  9. Think outside the box and try to advertise yourself whenever you can. Advertising won’t just happen in the scrapbooking industry but outside as well. Think where your target audience is.

If you want to really start a business you will need support and encouragement. If nothing else this will be a good reason to join the Digidesignresort Safari Lounge Designer Classes.

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