Learn how to customize PSD Files in Photoshop and create your own Wall Art for Sale

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Creating your own digital designs is a great way to earn money. Especially these days that we have a lot of free time staying at home. This is the perfect time to learn new skills and be productive.

You can create your own graphics, or you can customize PSD files to make them your own. 


Tutorial: Create Wall Art in Photoshop

When you purchase a spread from us, I usually include a PSD file which you can customize and sell as your own.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to customize a Wall Art graphic in Photoshop.

How to customize PSD Files in Photoshop and create your own Wall Art for Sale

Follow along with me as I guide you step by step on how to customize a PSD file in Photoshop.

  • 00:35 Customising the Sub-folders
  • 00:50 Changing the Colour of the Numbers
  • 01:34 Colouring the Shapes

Customizing the Sub-folders

Inside the folder, you can see sub-folders. To delete a sub-folder, you can turn it off, and turn back on to restore it.

Changing the Colour of the Numbers

Open a sub-folder. Here you open the "365" sub-folder. Try to turn the layers on and off to determine which layer you are editing.

Click the little squares on the bottom right of the layer so you can choose any colour for your layer.

Do it with the other layers so you can basically create your own graphic.

Colouring the Shapes

Here, I fill in the stars with the colour yellow.

Click Fill tool on the left tool bar. Choose the colour yellow. Make sure that you select the right layer, which is the "star". You need to rasterize it first so you can fill in the colour to the layer. To do this, click the right layer > Rasterize Layer, then click the star.

When you rasterize a Photoshop layer, it converts a vector layer to pixels. This way, you can maintain their clarity when you want to enlarge them.

Go ahead, customize the other sub-folders and layers so you can come up with your own design.

You can do whatever you want to your output. Make some money from it!

Tip: Make sure you duplicate your document before customizing it. When you mess things up, you have a spare. That makes sense, right?

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