Create Button Pins in GIMP

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Nothing worth having the feel of teenage pop culture than the famous button pins we used to wear during election times. And if you were born in the 80’s generation to the 90’s you’ve worn a lot of them as fashion statement during those eras. If you missed these cutesy pins,  why not make your button elements using GIMP.

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make one.

First, create a new file in GIMP. Use a 600 pixels by 600 pixels layout.

Add a new transparent layer. Get the Ellipse Tool and draw a circle on the centre of the layout. on the options, check expand from centre and lock the aspect ratio to make a perfect circle.


Change the Foreground color to a light blue and the Background to the darkest blue shade (almost black) you can set.


Get the Blend Tool and on the options, select FG to BG. Set the shape to Spherical and check Adaptive Supersampling then set the depth to 3 and the Threshold to .30


Starting from the centre, drag your mouse downwards and you should have something like this:



Add a new transparent layer and set your FG color to white. Use the Blend Tool again, select a Gradient FG to Transparent with a Radial shape. Repeat dragging from centre downwards. Make this Layer Overlay.


Reduce the second layer’s opacity to 80% and you are ready to add text to the button!


Take the Text Tool and set the font style and size before you key in the message. Adjust color and size and then move the text to fit into button.

Here’s our cutesy button!


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