Patterned Flower in GIMP

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Do you know that a refreshing design to a scrapbook layout can always be a perfect conversation piece? As you might expect, people will always get a surprised look if they see something unfamiliar, much more if it looks attractive or unique. The result, of course, will always end to the question, “How did you do that?”.

So, we will teach you a wonderful trick to make this one of a kind text art. Follow the instructions below and we promise you that you won’t regret it.

Create a new file in GIMP. We’re using 640 pixels by 400 pixels.


Grab the Paths Tool and make sure that you are in “Design” Mode.



Draw a cone shape. You may activate  (for now) the Grid guides to help you get a symmetrical shape.


Once you’re satisfied with the cone shape, stroke with any color you want to make an outline.



Duplicate the layer and Rotate Vertically.


Duplicate again, this time, try to make two cones on one side using the arbitrary rotation. Move the layer, if necessary.


Repeat duplicating the layer until you’ve come up with something like this:



To make the flower come alive, we will add some pattern to fill up the petals.


Draw a small circle on the centre and fill it also with another pattern.

Here’s our finished patterned flower:


Have fun making your own!

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