Heart-Shaped Collage in GIMP

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The stresses of everyday life can sometimes put our spirit down. But that shouldn’t be the case at all. With a few tinkering of your computer, you can make some beautiful art pieces that you can use and hang around in your home, just to remind you how wonderful it is to be alive. Well, this pretty heart-shaped collage can be made as an element when you are making some embellishments for your scrapbook projects.
Open Gimp. We’ll use a square work are for this project.

Open any background paper you’d want to use.


To have a guide in making a heart, you should have any transparent heart shape image. Add that as a new layer.


Now we’re ready to make our heart shaped collage!

Have your elements ready and fill-up the centre of the heart with them. We will use this Alpha from Summer Escape Grabbag Kit.


Add elements one by one and find something to fit on the edge of the heart.

Fill-up every space until every nook and cranny of the heart is covered.



Now, for the final touch, hide the heart outline by clicking on the eye icon beside it on the layers panel.



If you want to make it into a collage element, you can keep the heart shape outline and hide the background and save it as .png like what we did below:

heart collage


Isn’t this a great element?

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