Wired Text Effect in GIMP

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We’ve been doing a lot of girly stuffs here, this time we will show you something that is more on the masculine side. We’re talking about Wired Text Effect. This is a great concept when you are doing some elements for boys or hobby themes.

Open GIMP and create a new file with white canvass


Get the Ellipse Tool and draw an oval


Fill the oval with black


Now we want to delete the white background, go to Select> Invert then delete


While the black oval is still selected, go to Select> Shrink and set the value to 5 pixels. Then press delete.


Go to Filters> Render> Patterns> Grid


Copy the values we used here:


Get the Text Tool and type in the text. Don’t forget to use bold or heavy font style for the text. Position the word on the centre.


On the layers panel, go to the text layer and then right click > Alpha to Selection


We will shrink the text this time, using Shrink Tool and set the size to 5 pixels again.

Still with those marching ants, go to layers panel and right click on the text layer> Merge Down.


Now, delete the inside of the text by pressing the delete button.


Remove the selection by Select > None.

Now we will transform the text into something metallic to look like a real wire. Go to Filter> Alpha to Logo > Chrome and then OK


Merge Down the first two layers.


You can change the color of the background or hide it like this one:


wired text

And that concludes our Wired Text Tutorial. Why not try and make one now?

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