Make an Image with Chiselled Text

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Let’s welcome summer back with another amazing tutorial that would be very useful for creating something that is beyond the ordinary. We will be adding text to an image which requires just the basic GIMP method but we sure bet that the finished project will certainly look amazing.

To do this, you only need a good paper. We’ve opened a new file in gimp with a size of 400px  by 400px. You can do yours and make with whatever size that you wish. Open the paper that you intend to use, here we have a pretty striped paper from CU Grabbag Summer Holidays that can be found at digidesignresort shop.


Get the Text Tool and type the text. It’s best to use bold and solid text for this. Make the text fit into the edge of the width of the paper.


Add a new transparent later then draw a rectangle over the paper. Make sure the bottom part of the rectangle touches the top of the text like this:


Merge down the new layer and the text layer.


Now, Fill this merged layer with the FG color. After that, right click on this merged layer and select Alpha to Selection.


On the Layers Panel, drag the paper layer on top and you’ll be able to see the marching ants that indicates selection.


Go to Select > Invert


Grab the eraser and choose a big solid tip. Start erasing the paper on the part where you placed the text.


And you’re done!

chisseled text on image

You just have to use your imagination and you’ll definitely achieve something unique with this technique.

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