Plastic Text Effect in GIMP

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Who does not get attracted to anything shiny and glossy? Even with texts, Scrapbook designers love to use plastic looking elements to embellish their layouts. If you have been wondering how to make those shimmering words, well, you can just follow this very simple tutorial and see for yourself how less complicated it is to create them.

Let’s get started!
Create a new file and with the text tool, key in the word that you’d like to turn into a plastic. We highly recommend that you use bold and rounded font style. You can also use the color that is more or less close to what you’ll want to have for the finished text.


Now, let’s add some blur to make the edges smooother. Go to Filters> Blur > Gaussian Blur and change the Radius Size to 10


Go to Colours > Curves  then change the Channels to Alpha and move the top and bottom line closer to middle area. It should look like this:

Right click on text layer then choose Alpha to selection

Select > Save to Channel and  then go ahead to edit the attributes to name it Original

Go back to Layers Panel and then create a new transparent layer. Fill the selection with any color of your choice.


Create another layer on top of it. Using the Move Tool, move the selection a little down and to the right.


Go to Select > Save to Channel and you’ll see that you have 2 saved channels in the panel by now,

Right click on Original and choose Channel to Selection.
Then right click on the New channel and choose Subtract from selection

You should have something similar to this on the layout:


Go back to Layers and Select > Shrink 1px. Then while on the new layer and fill in the selection with white.


Finish off the glossy look with some blur. Go to Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur > set the Radius size to 3px

Deselect everything and that’s it!

plastic text

You can export this as .png so you can add it to your elements collection!

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