Make a Word Tag in GIMP

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We got another awesome tutorial that you can do and add to your collection of scrapbook elements – a Word Tag!
Create a new image. Use the Free Select Tool to draw a tag just like the one below. Fill it with any colour you want.


Type in the text you want to put in the tag. Use any color for the text that is in contrast to the tag in order to make it more visible.

Now we need to do a grunge effect for the text. Go to Layer> Mask> Add Layer Mask (make sure that it’s white)


Get the Paintbrush from the Toolbar and look for the Confetti Brush Tip). Set the FG Color to Black.


Paint over and around the text whichever stroke you wish. To make it a little bit random, you can change the size of the tip a few times.


To finish off the grunge look, select the Ink Tool and set the Opacity to about 40%-60%, Size = 20 and Type of shape to Rounded.


Stroke in different directions and when you are satisfied with the look, don’t forget to save.

Word Tag

You can export this to .png and add it up to your elements collection! Hope you enjoyed playing around with the Word Tag!

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