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One vintage looking element that has been getting a lot of attention lately are Ribbon Banners. These banners are sure fire way to make statement in every digital scrapbook project. Because we love anything vintage, here’s a short but sweet tutorial for creating a unique message banner.

Create a new transparent file in GIMP. Using the rectangle tool, draw a horizontal rectangle and fill it with the FG color of your choice.


Add another transparent layer. Get the Free Select Tool and draw one of the ends of the ribbon. Fill this with the same color but adjust the shade slightly darker than the one on the centre.


Repeat on the other side.


On the layers panel, make sure that the rectangle on the centre is on the top.




Use the Free Select Tool again to draw the shadow of the ribbon. Make the color of this one more darker than those on the sides.


Repeat on the other side and our banner is good to go!


You can now save this to .png and re-use the same as an element to your scrapbook kit. But you can also add the text to complete the banner if you wish.

ribbon banner message

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