Create a Silhouette in GIMP

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And now is the time to do something that is completely unpredictable, let’s learn how to make silhouettes that we can save as elements for scrapbook layouts. Well, you may have seen some of them and wonder how to make one. It’s actually a wonderful piece of art work, and the best part? It’s not so difficult to create from scratch. In this tutorial, you will only need an image or photograph that you intend to transform into a silhouette.

Create a Silhouette in GIMP

Open this image in GIMP


We will try to remove as much background from the image, being mindful of keeping the subject intact. Get the wand tool, click and clear the background.


Here we have the Eiffel Tower as our main subject but we will try to make the finished product look more realistic so we will keep the greens and a few other objects around the tower.

Once you’re satisfied with the result, go to Colors > Hue-Saturation and shift the Lightness and Saturation levels to the left. What we are trying to achieve here is to convert the coloured image to grayscale.


Now, go to Colors > Threshold


Shift the lever to the right like this one to turn the image into black.

A white background has been inserted just to show the final look of our silhouette.

You can delete the background layer and then save this silhouette to .PNG to use/re-use in your layouts. That was easy, right? Say hello to Paris!

paris silhouette

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