Text in a Smash Bubble

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We’re very excited for summer! So, how do you show your excitement in an element? Well, here’s a simple way to make an exciting statement read on and follow the instructions below:
Open GIMP and create a new file.  You can use transparent background but for demonstration, we will use a white background.

First we need to draw our smash bubble. Add a new transparent layer. Using the Free Select Tool, draw the edges like a star with multiple sides. It’s up to you how much edges you want and how big you would like it to be.



Then use the Stroke tool to put an outline. Change the color of the FG Color to whatever you like beforehand.

Now, fill the shape with BG Color of your choice.


Here’s the smash bubble:

For the message, get the Text Tool and type the text. It’s important to choose a thick font style for this design.


With your text layer active, go to Layer> Transparency> Alpha to Selection.


Open any textured paper that you wish to use. Here’s a wonderful paper from digidesign Blowing in the Wind Kit. Right click on the paper and Copy.


Paste into your text layer. Then change the mode to Multiply.


Anchor the floating selection layer and then Rotate the text a little to add some impact.


It’s more fun to say Summer with this Text in a Smash Bubble!

smash bubble

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