Make a Chevron Pattern in GIMP

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Scrapbook designers are always on the lookout for new inspirations. Chevron Patterns or what we usually call Zig Zag Patterns have proven it’s appeal to most scrapbook fans regardless of their age or taste. Despite what you have perceived about the Zig Zag as a difficult project, we got to tell you that you don’t have to spend seemingly countless hours to make a chevron pattern from scratch using GIMP.

Here is a simple technique to give you a fantastic base image for making chevron without taking up so much of your time.

Make a Chevron Pattern in GIMP

Open gimp and create a new file with a size of 60px by 60px. This size actually depends on how big you would like your layout. We would be making the final product to have the size of 600px by 600px so 60px by 60px is an ideal size. You can experiment for different sizes later on. We used the guideline to identify the centre of the pattern.


Add a new transparent layer and draw a rectangle using the Rectangle Tool on the bottom left of the square.


Fill up the rectangle with any color you like using the Paint Bucket Tool.


Grab the Perspective Tool and move up the two corners on the right to form into something like this:


Once you’ve done that, duplicate the layer and flip it horizontally


You should have completed one section of the zig zag. Export this as .PNG  and then open it again in GIMP.


Now go to Filters > Map > Tile


On the pop up dialogue, set the dimension of the layout where you want to make the Chevron pattern.


Click OK and you’ll have a whole page with the zig zag pattern. After that, you can add another layer below it and fill with any color of your choice.


There are endless combinations of colors and you can also change the thickness of each strip. Why don’t you try making yours now?

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