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If inserting an image to a background seems common to you, why not try inserting an image into an element? Sounds difficult? Not really, just follow this step by step instructions and you’ll never go wrong.

Aside from the paper background, you will need 2 images: the main image and the image to be inserted (let’s call it inset image for brevity in this tutorial). Here’s how to do that:

Open paper background. We got this adorable paper from Birthday Party “Teenagers” Scrapbooking Kit from digidesignresort shop.


Open the main image and position it into the layout. The main image is also part of the Birthday Party “Teenagers” Scrapbooking Kit where we got our background paper.  Head on to digidesignresort for more scrapbooking kits. Let’s keep it to the centre of the page.


Open as another layer the inset image you’d want to use. Experiment on scaling inset image to fit the main image.


We need to “bend” the image a little to take the shape of the ball. Go to Filters > Distorts > iwarp

On the pop-up window, set the Deform Mode to Grow and then the Deform Radius 250; Deform Amount to about 0.30

With those settings, click on the image preview beginning on the centre downward. Repeat if necessary. Click OK when you’re satisfied with the result.


On the layer’s panel, right click on the inset image and select Add Layer Mask. Click Add when the pop-up window appears.


Now, go to Edit > Fill with FG Colour


After doing that you’ll notice that the inset image will disappear. Don’t worry about it for now.


Go to the Tool Bar and reverse the FG/BG Color.


Get the brush, change its size to about 1500 just big enough to cover the ball. Now, click on the ball a couple of times to make the inserted image appear again.


Go to Layer > Layer to Image size then change the opacity to 95


This time reverse again BG/FG color and make the brush size smaller like 200 and change the opacity of brush to 30. Stroke around the inset image to polish the transitions on the sides.


And that was pretty easy and fun, wasn’t it?

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