Sticker Word Tags in GIMP

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Sticker type word tags look great in every scrapbook layout whether in the traditional scrapbook or digital version. So, let’s make some sticker looking elements that you can do on your next project!
Create a new file with a solid background like this one (choose any colour that will make you see the text better):


Write the text with the Text Tool, remember to use big size and you can also change the color and choose a font. Move the text to the center of the page.
Create a new layer and place it below the text layer in the Layers’ panel.


Right click on the text layer, then Alpha to Selection.


Now, make active the other layer you just created. Go to Selection > Grow.


On the pop-up window set the value to about 15 pixels. Click OK.


Note: If there are gaps in between the letters, remove them by grabbing the Free Select Tool and on the Tool Options change the mode to Add to Selection. Click your cursor over the gaps until they’re all gone. This happens when the font style isn’t in cursive.
Now, Go to Select > Feather. Set the value to 2 pixels.


Time to fill the area with white. Simply Edit > Fill with BG color (make sure to set your preferred  BG color before doing this).




This looks like a sticker already, but we want to show you how to spruce up the text a little more. You can stop here or go further. It’s up to you.
Make the Text Layer active again and then add a new layer on top of it.

Right Click on the Text Layer > Alpha to Selection.



Make the new layer active again. Then get the Rectangle Select Tool with “Subtract to Selection” Mode on. While on that mode, make a selection on the upper half of each letter one by one until you get this:


We need to fill the bottom part with a darker color so change the FG color first to a darker hue or whatever colour you like. Then Edit > Fill FG Color. Deselect after that.



On the layers panel, hide the paper background and export to .png so you’ll be able to use this as an element later on.



You now have a sticker style word tag!


Let’s get started…

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