Create a Scrap Card with Curved Text

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Scrap cards are plentiful but if you can add a unique touch to your own that will be awesome. One way to achieve this is by creating a Curved Text which is not pretty common. Follow this instruction and see how magical it works.

Create a Scrapbooking Card

New image with a size of 4 inches by 6 inches

Get the Paths tool and draw a path for the text.


To make it easier for you to see the path, you can go to Windows > Dockable Dialogue > Paths and you’ll be able to see the path by clicking on the eye icon

Type in the text you’d be using by clicking on the Text Tool. Set the Font Style and size according to your liking. You can experiment on this for a couple of times.


Now go to Layer > Text Along Path


You’ve got the curved text there. But hold it right there, because there’s something more to do. In the paths menu, right click on the text path and click Path to Selection.


Then, go to Layers Menu and make a new transparent layer. After which, fill this layer with FG Color that you’ve set for the curved text.


To see the result, hide the two paths by clicking the eye icon on the paths menu.

Now, you can change the background for the Scrap Card.

Then finish off the Scrap Card layout with other texts and elements.

Curved text

All the resources used for this tutorial were taken from Digidesignresort’s Digital Scrapbooking Grabbag Attics Treasures for Commercial Use. Go ahead and make your own curved text design!

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