How to put Image Inside Text in GIMP

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Here comes another Designer Tutorial for you! All these tutorials here are for you to learn new techniques using GIMP: We keep them simple and short so that you can just try out things. More of these tutorials on creating elements and papers are inside the Safari Lounge Designer Classes and are waiting to get discovered by you!

Put an Image Inside Text in GIMP

Open any background paper in Gimp.

Click on the text tool, and type in the text you’d want to be filled in with image. Look for solid typeface and set the size.

Use the move tool to put the text in place.


Open the image you’d be using as a layer. Scale the image layer in such a way that it fits on the text layer.

On the layers panel, make the text layer active. Go to Layer > Alpha to Selection. You can now see the text with marching ants.

Click on the image layer and with the help of the move tool, move the image to which place in the text it should be.Just imagine how the image will come out with the background paper behind it. You can re-size the image again if you need to.


Now, with the image layer still active, go to Select > Invert.


Get the Eraser tool and use a big solid brush to wipe away the excess image.


To make the text stand out better, add a new layer and place it under the Text layer.


Go to Select> Invert. After that, go to select > Grow and set the size to about 12-20 pixels (depending on how thick you’d want the outline)


Right click on the layout and then Edit > Fill with BG color. And that’s it!

Now you can add more elements to make your scrapbook layout look fabulous!

image inside text


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