Dividing and Slicing Papers in GIMP

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Creativity is boundless. With many tricks and techniques available for editing your digital scrapbooks, dividing and slicing papers is one of the easiest. But don’t underestimate its simplicity. Just like any other things you could do with your papers, its effect is just as striking. Read on to find out how you could do so with efficiency.

Dividing and Slicing Papers

Dividing and Slicing Papers

Open the image or paper you want to slice and divide.

Click on View > Show Grid. Again, click on View > Snap to Grid.

Click on Image > Configure Grid. Change the width and height to 72 x 72 px or 1 x 1 inch. Click Ok.

You can increase each image by clicking on it so you can easily see all settings used.

Dividing and Slicing Papers

Now, scale your layer so its edges fall exactly on the grids. This way, it would be easier to divide and slice it.

Dividing and Slicing Papers

Using the Rectangle Select Tool, outline the first portion you want to slice. Copy that selection (CTRL C) and paste it on the same layer (CTRL V).

Dividing and Slicing Papers

This will automatically open a floating layer on the Layer dialogue.


Right-click on that layer and click on To New Layer.


Do this on all the portions you want to slice, depending on how many portions you want your image or paper to have. Make sure that when you are selecting a portion, the bottom layer, the one with the complete image, is the one active.


Now you can work on your pieces on another tab, adding as much digital elements and embellishments as you desire. Here, I used digital papers from the Magical Sunset kit from Digidesignresort.

Dividing and Slicing Papers

You may also add shadows on each portion to maximize the effect. Just click on Filters > Light and Shadow > Drop Shadow.

Dividing and Slicing Papers



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