Grunge Effect 2 (Old Paper Design)

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Grunge Effect is arguably synonymous with being old and torn. The torn part has already been covered in Grunge Effect 1 so, as a follow-up lesson, we will be doing some more sprucing-up techniques to help you achieve an old paper design this time.

You can increase each image by clicking on it so you can easily see all settings used.

Grunge Effect

We will start by making a new transparent document. We are using 640 px x 400 px size.

Grunge Effect

Let’s add a paper layer, here’s one from Digital Scrapbooking Kit November Romance Part B (PU/S4H) By Digidesignresort.


Add another transparent and name it stain.

Get your Paint Brush Tool and look for a brush with a hardness of 025 making sure that your colour is set to a dark colour like black or brown depending on the colour of your paper.

4Now make a couple of random strokes on the paper.


Add more stains using other bigger brushes.


When you are done with the stains, go to Filters > Render > Cloud > Fog


A pop-up window will appear. You can change the colour of the fog to somewhat near the shade of your paper.


Once you hit OK, your canvass will look like this:


If the fog might seem too much to cover the paper, you can simply adjust the opacity of this layer.


And that’s it!

grunge effect

Save the paper in JPEG format so you can use it for your next digital scrapbook layout.


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