Adding Text to a Photo in GIMP

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Tired of seeing the same images in your digital scrapbook? Let’s face it, sometimes you want to see some drama in your designs. So, if you’ve been having trouble adding a more dramatic effect to your images, here’s a tutorial that you’ll surely like – Adding Text to a Photo in GIMP.

To start with our tutorial, we need a nice photo and of course, a befitting text or quote to go with the image. Here we have this vintage looking photo that we got from Digital Scrapbooking Kit Notting Hill Part A + B (PU/S4H) by Digidesignresort. You can use any photo from any scrapbook kits or take a photo with your own camera if you want.

You can increase each image by clicking on it so you can easily see all settings used.

Adding Text to a Photo

Adding Text in a Photo in GIMP

NOTE: We recommend that you save a copy of the photo before doing anything just in case you’d need the original later on.

Now, get the Text Tool and set the Font Style, Size and Color before typing the text. Use the mouse to draw the text area on the portion of the photo where you’d want the text to be placed.


Key in the text you have prepared.


Next, let’s use the other options available to define the final look of the text.

Choose how you’d want the text to be justified. Let’s use Right Justify here.


The Line Spacing can be used if your text is long enough that it spans a couple or more lines. As a rule, the spaces between lines increase as you increase the value like 1, 2, 3. For single liner text, you can skip this step. Just make sure that the text is highlighted whenever you are trying to change anything.


You can also customise how the letters are spaced in between with Letter Spacing. Just like Line Spacing, the bigger the value, the wider the spaces between each character. You can adjust the width of the text box if you want a wider space for the text.


To add more dimension, duplicate the Text Layer. Go to Layer > Duplicate Layer.


Go to Colours > Invert


Move this layer below the original text layer in the Layer’s Panel.


Get the Move Tool and then using your keyboard, move the duplicate layer a couple of pixels down and another couple of pixels to the right. This is going to add a sort of a shadow effect to the text.


For a more subtle effect, you can change the colour of the text to something that blends with the image and also, reduce the opacity to about 50% – 70%.


Save and export the file. And we’re finally done adding text to photo in GIMP!

adding text

That was easy, right?


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