Pinch Ribbons in GIMP

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Let’s face it, a ribbon is pretty fantastic. It’s versatile and not to mention splendid enough if you make your own design. Every grudge effect gives an impression that such design is a work of an expert. But who would know that you are just a newbie at GIMP? We wouldn’t tell, instead, we’ll show you how to pinch a ribbon in GIMP, in the simplest and easiest way possible.

Here we’ve used this nice looking ribbon or wishi tape from Digital Scrapbooking Collaboration Kit Family Time II (PU/S4H) by Digidesignresort which happens to be on sale at the moment. So, if you love ribbons, there are several downloadable wishi tapes included in that kit.

You can increase each image by clicking on it so you can easily see all settings used.

Pinch Ribbons

We opened this strip of ribbon in GIMP. If you don’t have a ready made ribbon yet, you can just rip a strip on any paper background you have in your computer.

Pinch Ribbons in GIMP

Once you have the ribbon in place, go to Filters > Distorts > Curve Bend


A pop up window will then appear and make sure that you have selected the “Upper” radio button for the Border heading and also “Smooth” for the Curve Type.


Now look at that straight line on the centre of the mat. You can click on the centre of those line then hold it while trying to move the centre point downward.


To make the curve pattern gradual, you can click somewhere in between the centre point to the end points and move it slightly downward to simulate the crease of the ribbon. You can begin with the left side like this:


Do the same to the other half.


When you think you are happy with the result, hit the “Mirror” button so that the creases on top and bottom will look symmetrical.


And that’s how easy it is to pinch ribbons in GIMP!

Let’s give a look at how charming our ribbon afterwards!

sample pinch a ribbon



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