Paper with Text Using GIMP

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The long held proverb states that words are powerful tools. It’s no wonder so many people take this advice to heart and use it to their favour. As scrapbook designers, we too can benefit from words by incorporating them into our designs. On that note we’ll show you how to create a paper with text using GIMP.

For our background we will be using a paper from one of digidesignresort shop’s scrapbooking kit, Digital Scrapbooking Kit Love Letters (PU/S4H) by Digidesignresort.

You can increase each image by clicking on it so you can easily see all settings used.

Paper with Text

Open the paper that you are going to use in GIMP.

Paper with Text

We added a new transparent layer for the text.


Now, we’ll make the first word. Click on the Text Tool, notice that on the lower panel, you can change and customise how you’d want the text to look. Here we are using a pale pink for the colour and have chosen Zapfino for the font style.


Type in the text and use the move tool to place it on the centre of the page.


Use the Text Tool again to add another word. You can change the colour of the text to something similar to the first text just about a little bit lighter or darker. Here we used another font style.


For a different twist, we will rotate the text using the text tool.


Add more texts to make a cluster using the techniques we’ve used on the previous ones.


Here’s how our finished paper looks like with all the texts that we’ve added:



That’s just how easy it is to make a creative paper with text using GIMP!


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