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No matter if you want to improve your design, marketing and/or business skills you are at the right place. I show you everything you need to now to master drawing, designing and selling your own digital products.
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Find all the classes below in the Safari Lounge where you learn how to draw, design and sell your art while enjoying community and personal coaching.

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Choose what you want to draw with - digitally or on paper.

Once you've mastered the material of your choice digitize your artwork and create your first products with it.

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... find these classes and many more in the Safari Lounge!

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" I'm so glad I joined because I'm learning heaps of new stuff and also enjoying the classes.
I'm also very appreciative for all the help and support!"

Julie Enrique

Julie Enrique Designs

" I've been a designer for several years and must admit - struggling at it. I decided to sign up and take the classes here, and this was the best thing I could have done."

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